D’Acquisto’s join the XOP Team

A New Era in Cast Aluminum Tree Stands - D’Acquisto’s Join XOP Team


XOP, Inc, Dubuque, Iowa – Xtreme Outdoor Products is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrae D’Acquisto, the founder of Lone Wolf tree stands, as new product development consultant and the addition of his son, Cody D’Acquisto, to the XOP team.  Andrae is credited with developing the first cast aluminum tree stand and creating an entirely new category with the launch of his Lone Wolf brand in 1984.  His extensive knowledge of and expertise in whitetail hunting combined with a thorough understanding of tree stand construction and manufacturing makes his involvement with XOP a significant sign of where the brand intends to go.  “I have some unfinished business and intend to take the cast aluminum tree stand to the next level, to make improvements I always wanted to do.  Now is my chance and I am very excited about this opportunity with XOP”, Andrae D’Acquisto.

Cody D’Acquisto grew up living and breathing whitetail hunting while learning the tree stand business from the ground up at his father’s knee.   His knowledge of tree stand development, manufacturing, marketing and sales is unparalleled and a great advantage to the XOP team.  Cody will be attending shows across the US to give first hand, hands-on demonstrations of how the latest XOP stands function.  He is also closely involved in the day to day marketing, development and manufacturing of new stands, with a particular focus on quality control and assurance.

There has been some rumor in the market concerning XOP and the present Lone Wolf Company.  To draw a line under this speculation, we would like to make clear that all legal proceedings have been concluded between XOP and Lone Wolf.  XOP has permission to sell its finished stands, all of which have been TMA tested and approved.  Furthermore, they have been quality controlled by the D’Acquisto’s. 

Over the coming months the XOP team will be bringing two distinct groups of stands to market.  The first group hitting shows and stores now, is the XPS Silver series which are the redesigned stands mentioned above.  This group consists of two hang-ons and three climbers as well as a set of climbing sticks.  These stands and sticks are an amazing value and will be available for a short time only, until supplies run out.

Following on the initial release of XPS Silver, XOP will launch an entirely new series of stands with never before seen parts and designs that have been built from the ground up!  The first in the series, the Air Raid hang-on, will be a cast aluminum stand finished in a matte olive drab green finish, with a quick connect bracket, I-beam post, cushioned seat and 350 pound capacity.  This new line up is unrivaled in quality and at a price that makes XOP the hands-down best value on the market today!  A variety of other hang-ons, climbers, and sticks will follow on in late 2014 and early 2015.

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